Woccon - Solace In Decay

Solace In Decay by Woccon - Cover

Woccon - Solace In Decay

Genre : Doom Metal
Released Date : 21 / Oct / 2014
  1. Introduction
  2. Giving Up the Ghost
  3. Atrophy
  4. This Frozen Soil
  5. And the World Wept
  6. Impermanence
  7. Valadilene
  8. An Enduring Remorse
  9. Behind the Clouds
  10. Wherever I May Be
  11. Wandering

Adrien Begrand, Decibel Magazine

Indeed, darkness and melancholy permeates Solace In Decay, the extraordinary full-length debut by Athens, GA band. Putting their own unique spin on the sleek death/doom of Katatonia, Swallow the Sun and Daylight Dies, Woccon stand out in just how confident this record sounds. It feels like the work of seasoned veterans, not a band that's been together for only a couple years.

No Clean Singing's Top 30 Metal Album of the Year

Woccon were a pleasant surprise for 2014, their album coming out in the back half of the year from a region known for a ton of music, but not necessarily one that has generated a huge amount of melodic doom bands. The United States, in general, doesn’t seem to have many such bands who break the surface, and the genre is one of the few sub-groupings of metal that has remained starkly European over the years. Recently though, there’s been an upswell of groups in the States seeking to join in on the fun, and Woccon is one of the latest additions, finding themselves in a similar sphere as brethren Daylight Dies and Insomnium.Their music is designed to feel cold and stark; the group have found a friend in misery and seek to share that fragile, broken sort of beauty with the world. There’s no lie about it, Woccon do play into some of the doom tropes on Solace In Decay, but you can’t really fault them when they recognize it and proceed to throw their all into it.Yes, there is absolutely a piano-set-against-the-sound-of-rain-falling track on this album, but the music is composed well enough that it hardly highlights the fact that this is a familiar step. In their own music, the band know exactly when to build up a huge amount of atmosphere and then let the storm clouds open up and the downpour begin. They’ve mastered the difficult act of weaving some huge melodies throughout all their songs, specifically on guitar, and it’s resulted in Solace In Decay becoming a back-half-of-the-year staple while I enjoy the one huge rainstorm this region is probably going to see for the next eight months.
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Tim Rowland
– Guitars & Vocals

Tiler Kuykendall
– Guitars

Kellen Harris
– Drums

Sam Dunn
– Bass


Solace In Decay by Woccon - Cover
Introduction // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  1. Introduction // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  2. Giving Up the Ghost // Woccon - Giving Up The Ghost
  3. Atrophy // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  4. This Frozen Soil // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  5. And the World Wept // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  6. Impermanence // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  7. Valadilene // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  8. An Enduring Remorse // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  9. Behind the Clouds // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  10. Wherever I May Be // Woccon - Solace In Decay
  11. Wandering // Woccon - Solace In Decay