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By The Patient

Scandinavian death metal at its finest

By the Patient [Denmark] catched the attention of the world with the release of their first EP “The Carcass Monologue” in 2008. It secured the band a Danish Metal Awards nomination for talent of the year in 2008. High from this first experience as a band, BTP went on to release “Catenation of Adversity”, their second EP in 2009. It got great reviews in Europe and the US, and the EP also got the band on the bill of Roskilde Festival and Wacken Open Air in 2010.

The debut album ‘Servants’, self released in 2010 and re-released in Europe through Ultimhate Records in 2011, got the band a spot on the New Era Tour 2011 in Denmark, as well as a support job for Aborted and great reviews.

The sophomore album ‘Premonitions’, was released on September 25th 2012 through Deathbound Records, produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (the Kandidate, ex-Hatesphere) who have produced bands like Purified in Blood and The Burning. The new album shows By the Patient from a more mature side with personal lyrical themes and a mix of heavy, black and death metal influences which are equally intense and catchy.

With the great reviews of ‘Premonitions’, By the Patient have been acclaimed by some reviewers to have made the best Danish album since ‘The Audio Injected Soul’ (Mnemic) from 2004. In 2012, By the Patient toured Europe twice and in 2013, By the Patient toured Germany with Hexis and Eglise. With support jobs for The Kandidate (2010), Aborted (2011), The Burning (2011), and touring experience from Europe, By the Patient live act is well accomplished. Since, BTP has released a few more works. Make sure to visit their facebook page to stay in touch.


Tan Møhl-Hansen
Simon Sonne Andersen
Troels Cort Nielsen
Theis Wilmer Poulsen
Adam Schønemann


By The Patient - Premonitions
  1. A Distorted Mirror Image // By The Patient - Premonitions
  2. Hours of Mist // By The Patient - Premonitions
  3. Veil of Depression // By The Patient - Premonitions
  4. Where Time Collapsed // By The Patient - Premonitions
  5. Eyes // By The Patient - Premonitions
  6. Premonitions // By The Patient - Premonitions
  7. All Is Valid // By The Patient - Premonitions
  8. Oceans of Emptiness // By The Patient - Premonitions
  9. Forests // By The Patient - Premonitions

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“In short: [By The Patient’s] Premonitions is Scandinavian death metal at its finest, and certainly one of the best and most mature death metal albums to come out of Denmark for a long time.” 8/10

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