Embrace the darkness

Noire is a progressive black metal band from Winnipeg (Canada) founded by Andrew Lawes (vocals, guitar & piano) and Bob Fitzgerald (guitar). Since their first moment as a band, Noire embarked on a path to extoll the beauty of the lightless side of music.

Not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, Noire draws inspiration from bands such as Dissection, Opeth, Enslaved and Emperor, unleashing brooding twin guitar harmonies, thunderous drum work, intelligent bass lines and snarling vocals to create an atmosphere that is uniquely their own. Having opened for bands such as Absu, Noire has convinced audiences that they are serious about their music and well poised to become one of the most interesting bands to emerge from the scene.

The band entered the studio in January 2013 to record their first album Dark Reverence which was release worldwide on October 1st the same year through Deathbound Records.

Since, Noire played many shows in their hometown as well as other cities in Canada in support to the release of Dark Reverence.


Andrew Lawes
Vocals, Guitar and Piano
Bob Fitzgerald
Craig Peeples


Noire - Dark Reverenceicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Lost and Godless // Noire - Dark Reverence
  2. Shadows Rise // Noire - Dark Reverence
  3. Dark Reverence // Noire - Dark Reverence
  4. Where Death Keeps // Noire - Dark Reverence
  5. Ghosts of Damnation // Noire - Dark Reverence
  6. Pale Death // Noire - Dark Reverence
  7. A Fire Shall Burn // Noire - Dark Reverence
  8. Faithless // Noire - Dark Reverence
  9. My Fallen Angel // Noire - Dark Reverence

Latest News

Noire interviewed at Farmageddon

An interview Noire did with Extreme Metal Television at Farmageddon Open Air Metal Fest, as well as some shots from their set! Look at 5:43.
July 2015
Kings And Queens // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  1. Kings And Queens // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  2. Blood and Stone // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  3. The Vigil // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  4. L’invasion – I. Encres troubles // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  5. Breathless // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  6. Body and Souls // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  7. Vanishing // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  8. Hunter’s Moon // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  9. Pressure // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  10. La ballade des gens heureux // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  11. Le Vent // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  12. L’invasion – III. L’élégie // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  13. Yellow Sign // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless