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22 March 2018

Body and Souls is featured on Decibel Magazine

Following the release of their first single “L’invasion” two weeks ago, Hands of Despair are teasing you once more. Their new song Body and Souls is featured on Decibel Magazine today. Go check it out now! Decibel is the only place where you’ll find that song for some time. So until their new album Well of the Disquieted drops on April 6th, make sure you stop by. And while you’re there, read the interview Decibel Magazine did with Maxime Côté (Guitars).

Here is an excerpt from that interview…

Decibel: How does “Body and Souls” fit – musically and conceptually – with rest of Well of the Disquieted? Can you give some commentary on the song’s creation process and your thoughts about the final recorded result?

Hands of Despair: Lyrically, I think Body and Souls has the most interesting and richest concept on the album. The song is about a person having a multiple personality disorder, so Jeff had the great idea of having multiple singers singing in the song, each representing a voice/character that the main character hears.

I’m usually not a fan of guest vocals on albums in metal, because most of the time, the guests are so similar to the main singer you can’t even hear the difference, and it seems more like a way to add promotion to your music than to make it more interesting. But in the case of Body and Souls, it really fits the theme of the song, and Jeff picked 5 singers which all had really different voices, so I think it added something really nice to the song.

When we started jamming the last part of the song, I knew without any hesitation I wanted Luc from Gorguts to do the vocals there. He’s a good friend of Etienne so Etienne asked him and Luc immediately said yes. We went to his house and spent a couple of hours recording the vocals and just chatting about music. It was awesome working with such a creative and talented musician.

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