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04 April 2018

Hands of Despair live on CISM 89.3 FM

Hands of Despair spent times with the nice folks from Les Avocats du Diable on CISM 89.3 FM radio in Montreal. Listen to their interview (in French) to learn on their inspiration for Well of the Disquieted, have a sneak peek into their creation process and the intriguing theme of their latest album.

Bonus, you’ll hear “La Ballade des Gens heureux” which was premiered during the broadcast! That’s exclusivity! Well done CISM!

Les Avocats du diable is dedicated to showcasing the Metal Music scene to a bigger audience. Their 2 hours long shows will help you discover the latest of the underground and not so underground metal music from every corner of the world. Punctuated with interviews, they are a reference for everything Metal Music in Montreal. Tune in every Wednesday night on 89.3 FM in Montreal or stream the show online.

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Blood and Stone // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  1. Blood and Stone // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  2. Le Vent // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  3. Body and Souls // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  4. L’invasion – II. La salve // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  5. Yellow Sign // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  6. La ballade des gens heureux // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  7. New Sun // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  8. Phénix // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  9. The Vigil // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  10. Lily // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  11. L’invasion – III. L’élégie // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  12. No Name, No Marker // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  13. Hunter’s Moon // Longhouse - II:Vanishing