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29 April 2018 premieres Phénix by Tunguska Mammoth

This week, premieres Phénix by Tunguska Mammoth. This is the third single release by the band to promote their upcoming album Breathless. Thanks to Laura Wiebe for writing this piece. Check it out and find out why they decided to share that song with you.


Here is an excerpt from the article :

Phénix was the first song we wrote following the release of our first album and it does not differ much from its original shape, even after years of rehearsal. It is a fast paced, aggressive and raw song. You can really feel the intensity from the beginning to the end, with the closing solo and voice tracks sharing the spotlight. Originally written for the band Lumberjack by Paolo, the lyrics were in English at first but Maxime insisted on having a number of songs in French on the album. Phoenix became Phénix and was translated accordingly.


You can listen to Phénix right here :


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