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18 June 2014

RHINO’s new EP coming out July 15th

Deathbound Records is proud to announce the signing of sludge metal act RHINO and the release of their new EP “Footnotes” on July 15th.

Out of the toxic fumes of the refinery jungle (far East Montreal), emerged RHINO. Formed in 2008 by guitarist brothers Guillaume Duguay and Vincent Séguin, RHINO managed to find its bearings and set up its music backbone with longtime friend and drummer Maxime Legault-Venne. After a few months of exploration, Simon Blaquière jumped in with prose and throat. After a few years of bouncing from one bassist to another, the guys finally landed on solid ground wit Patrick Napier.

Influenced by acts such as Cult of Luna, Isis and Mouth of The Architect, RHINO was able to craft a sound all its own with heavy and aerial 2-guitar tangos, bulky-breathy drum commotion, groovy bass lines with crushing drops, and last night’s Single Malt-like vocals.

Last spring, RHINO opened fot The Ocean and The Atlas Moth in Montreal, as part of their North American tour, catching our attention. Few months later, we are proud to release their 5-track EP entitled “Footnotes” on July 15th.

RHINO rises from the habitual sludge – post-hardcore to create a unique soundscape deeply rooted in sludge music that brings the listeners a breath of freash smog-fueled air.

Get their EP & T-SHIRT on bandcamp now!

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