I couldn’t exactly pick out a specific standout track because everything is most excellent. I enjoyed the transition on the first song from spooky to devastating. I thought the leads were all great and several songs features great riffs with an overall feel of primal intensity. Between the lower tempo, the deep rich low-end focus, and the frantic shouts there’s a grandiose feel to the sound. It’s like a tidal wave about to crash down.

Jose MaCall on II:Vanishing by LonghouseMetal Temple

Guitars are earripping phantasms from the nether planes of  the earth. On top of this, small melodies floats on top, giving a fantastic mood and  surplus. […] The song kind of changes mood from the darkness in the beginning to a beautiful uplifting ending, filled with ethereal sounds on top, almost sounding a bit like some of M83’s bright moments. […] Black Sails For Red Seas is a new star in the universe of blackgaze.

I really have become completely captivated by [“Hunters Moon“] — though the entire album is damned captivating. It’s a powerfully haunting track right from the start, but the spectral emanations in the music are balanced by staggering heaviness.

Islander on II:Vanishing by LonghouseNo Clean Singing

Georgia’s been responsible for plenty of great sludge bands over the years and I think it’s definitely time to add Savagist to that list. […] Unlike most bands that simply create this heavy Earth shattering sound and stop there, Savagist proves to be much more interesting.

Chris Dahlberg – Transcending Obscurity

Amok // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  1. Amok // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  2. Lily // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  3. L’invasion – II. La salve // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  4. Blood and Stone // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  5. Doppelganger // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  6. La ballade des gens heureux // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted
  7. Vanishing // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  8. The Vigil // Longhouse - II:Vanishing
  9. Le Vent // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  10. Yellow Sign // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  11. Phénix // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  12. New Sun // Tunguska Mammoth - Breathless
  13. L’invasion – I. Encres troubles // Hands of Despair - Well of the Disquieted